About us

what we do

Caring Canine Companions is dedicated to bringing the joy, companionship and comfort of our canine friends to people in aged care homes.

We organise and manage visits to residents of aged care homes by dogs and their owners.  We liaise with dog owners and care home management and care staff and ensure that visits run smoothly, are convenient and enjoyable for all.

Caring Canine Companions was created when the Golden Retriever Club of SA took over the running of the canine visiting scheme in 1993.

our funding

Caring Canine Companions is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, under the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme.

The Aged Care Volunteer Visitor Scheme is an Australian Government initiative that provides friendly volunteers for older people who are at risk of loneliness or social isolation. There are times when people may need a little help to stay connected to the wider community. This can happen whether living alone in their own homes, or in Aged Care Facilities. Volunteer visitors bring conversation, news, new interest and friendship. Visitors may also bring a special connection through a shared language, life experience, or cultural understanding.

You can find out more by visiting the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme page 

The Golden Retriever Club

Caring Canine Companions is under the auspice of the Golden Retriever Club of South Australia.

The Golden Retriever Club of SA was founded in 1972 and is the guardian of the Golden Retriever breed in South Australia.  The Club is affiliated with DOGS SA which represents the owners and breeders of purebred dogs in SA.

The Club is also a member of the National Golden Retriever Council which promotes quality breeding and care, training and exhibition of the Golden Retriever.

The Club educates owners and breeders, encourages breeders to abide by the standard of the breed and promotes public interest in the Golden Retriever.  

For more information, visit the Club website at www.grcsa.org.au.

our mission

To bring the joy and health benefits of canine companionship to people living in aged care homes.

our Vision

Every aged care resident in the state shall have access to the benefits of a visit from a canine companion of a type suitable to their needs and preferences.

our Values